No one was aware of next. Biggatta staring at him with thirst of blood, but sometimes prey takes himself as a hunter.

“Bring his head to me, Now”. His men ran to get their master’s wish fulfilled. Ground shaking with their steps, but in Sol’s mind all was silent. He left unicorn’s back free from his weight, stepped on ground and…

“Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!” with that roar he gave his push to the base, both arm swung away from body revealing his mates, two swords, one known to everyone other was no less. 

For Biggatta’s men he was just a boy, two of them lifted their swords on him for blood bathe, a swing and they stood as they were stoned. Rest of them stopped at their spot just to see what happened. 3/4  of their head just slipped from rest of the body releasing sprinkle of blood in air. This was just an initiation, Sol dropped his sword and offered them a free kill, this was like a cat is offering dog’s to come and eat her. They rushed in formation to trap him. he bent for a while gave a thrust and swam against the flow. Crushing every bone, every face, beating the hell out of everyone coming in his way.

Biggatta got so frustrated as his men forgot how to fight? He cried like a paranoid, “Slaves do kill him or slice your throats”. But nothing was able to stop Sol, splashing blood out of them just with his bare hands. In a matter of few minutes whole troop was in pieces. Leader was only one left to damage or get damaged. He smiled as he had something evil on his mind and in a sec he slipped his blade across Mothy’s throat.


“No!”, Sol screamed with pain fell on his knee, as his all life juice was sucked. Mothy spoke holding her bleeding throat,“Son! you are born for some reason more than this life, don’t lose your light, don’t fall back, L..ove..” and she rose above the ground, shining like star and disappeared in vapours. After her she left a coin a shiny coin with two drops of blood, her blood on it. Biggatta ignoring all this was just focussed on weak Sol, who was mourning on his mothers struggled death. He held his sword and started walking to him. Slowly, slowly, grunting for his flesh.


“Solaris”, Mothy’s voice gently woke up solaris from his weakness.“Son, this is not for my existence, not for revenge, not for any fallen act. This all is happening because it was decided. I am not the one who can explain importance of your existence but listen to your heart, it will guide you in right direction.”

He stood out of that grief realizing that all has gone and will not return. Looking into Biggatta’s eyes who was only here to kill him, gave a second to remember whole life of Mothy and ran to him. Before Biggatta could react to his action he entered his palm in Biggatta’s mouth, grabbed his jaw firmly, came near his ear, pressing his jaw to make him helpless, “This is your end!” uttered in his filthy ear, turned and with all force smashed him on ground. WHole planet shocked with his action. Biggatta lost all his power and was awaken to know his end was near. Sol without a word raised his right foot in air and crushed his skull on the ground.

Sol walked to Mothy’s ash gazed it for last time . He saw that shiny coin, picked it, “Touch it to your heart” coin said. Sol full of sorrow for his great loss did the same. As he touched that coin to his chest. It burnt, penetrating in Sol’s chest. He screamed out loud and fell on ground. He found himself in space full of stars, and clouds. e heard a voice. “This is your birth, this is where you start your life. You are born to learn and teach what God’s can never do to mortals, Don’t forget your heart’s opinion.”, he opened his eyes and stood conscious.

He was changed He felt wings like an angel, silver armour and lot of light inside him. He was silent as he knew the answers of all his questions. picking a cape near a prisoner’s body, wrapped it around him, walked to his only friend to his unicorn and ride towards his destination towards next planet. He left his grief, his home, his weakness with Lonthes. He left it to fulfil destiny.



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