It’s been 15 years since then. “The Ledge” is a most awaited fest of all, among all planets and skies. But nobody has forgotten that kid, the one who stunned everyone. No sign of this kid has been witnessed in these fifteen years, some say he was a ghost, some say he is dead, many rumors, but prisoners of  Lonthes know what’s the truth.

Kings were not pleased as the crowd was. They praised skills of Solaris but what came as an insult, was this kid’s decision. He was the only one who refused to fight for them. The one who rejected the orders of such powerful owners of universe, kings of galaxies. When he was ordered to submit him for execution he easily dodged death and disappeared.

The Council (Keepers of Book of Law) discussed long to spare the kid but kings with a huge ego and barbarian mind kept a search on as they were not in favor of giving a chance of revolt to fallen ones and rest lower genres. A troop Zidara, a bunch of skilled assassins and spies were send to search this kid across the planet in lead of Biggatta. Biggatta was not a soulful creature. They say he was a warrior once but evil corrupted him beyond boundaries of darkness. He was most brutal, cunning and heartless spy of all those who ever existed.

Zidara tracked, search 16 planets. damned,  dead, alive, discarded, civilized, everywhere. “No, sign. No sign of that tiny kid. Once his puny existence confirm I will eat him alive”. Biggatta‘s hunger was not fed since he was ordered for this slaughter, but his sword was satisfied because this dark, evil animal slaughtered 1600 innocents in his way to feed his troops. Finally it was turn of  . Zidara arrived …

This merciless time they did not asked, They begin the fiesta of death and cries. Slaughtering everyone around, eating them, biting them. Splashes of blood were everywhere. Nobody was concerned about this planet. Bitterest thing was they dumped this planet with everyone who was weak and who clapped with joy for Solaris on that day. They were eating kids alive. “Where is he?” Biggatta roared haunting all with darkest fear.

But this was not it. Biggatta saw Mothy. The one he tried to rape when she was being transported to Lonthes. Mothy was a priestess and was blessed to stay young till her existence. “Grrr !! Mothy my food of satisfaction” , his glittering eyes and drooling mouth was saying everything. “Bring her to me. not gently drag her so that each piece of cloth falls away”. His evil was at peak..

Same time..On other side of Lonthes..

Thundarruss was sitting silent looking, knowing, grieving, raging. He said, “I taught you everything I know, everything any warrior alive can know, but I need to say this to you and that is the reason why I taught you all this . You are not like us. You are not like any existing being. You are much more, beyond my understanding, and it was your destiny to be a warrior. Today I am not leaving you, because I can’t. Today I am unleashing you, to this universe to this arena so large to earn but so small to crush. Go and don’t stop. You are going to be my biggest creation ever”.

Grunting..  Biggatta was trying to hold himself, but Mothy was so tempting for his fallen lust. He walked to her,  grabbed her hair harshly. Mothy stayed silent, just holding her tears for unknown reason. “I will have you one day, I told you. But today I will do a thing that even Gods will reject you from their blessings” he said. He looked at his hungry and pathetic troops and announced,“You have been loyal to me for so long. It’s time I should give you something in return”, he threw her on ground and roared,Have a fiesta and destroy this creation to the extent that even angel begin to cry.  Deessssssstttrooooyyy Her “.

Silence… Nobody moved, except those sinful feet. Slowly like wolves towards the prey. “I will eat that face out”, one of them jumped on Mothy,just like the day when she arrived on this planet . Just a moment before touching her face he paused,“Did you hear that?” he asked. “Yes”, all mates replied. “Yes”,because it was so clear, the thump the sound of that thing, and a wave of fear just got in their darkest corner.

Just after they felt that pinch of fear, weather changed, dust cyclones, planet started shivering, lightening and a shadow appeared…

As it came closer, they were able to see what’s coming. A unicorn, dark as night shiny as stars, eyes so red that they were insulting color of blood, hair so divine, so dark as they were dancing on tune of death and then he appeared, the kid not small not, silent, not fragile. Kid is a man now, legs wrapping unicorn as a master, hard as the bolt of lightening, muscular as his shoulder were holding the weight of universe from past thousand years, skin golden, filled with flash, hair dark , even darker than moonless night face crafted by god himself…

Eyes were not red not speaking but tears? Tears of pain. Pain so strong as somebody stabbed his heart with infinite needles. Biggatta said laughing “Why is he so much in pain and rage like somebody raped his mother?” and stopped.

“Yes she’s his mother she is his only heart. He is the kid, he is the one” Biggatta shouted with pleasure.“I caught him” leaving all his troops stunned and afraid.” Go get him! Go! He is SOLARIS. As he finished something sparked this kid, this man and he roared with pain and rage, so loud, so fiercely that lightening started crying with fear of death. Gods shocked and he  arrived, he arrived to get his mother, his source and to claim his existence.



5 thoughts on ““Sol” The Warrior – 2nd Chapter

  1. wow, You leave me speechless!!!
    I must admit, I have never been into, blood drenched, action packed, violent, narratives, but your stories are so much more… they scare my bones, they intrigue me beyond my fears and I come back to see how the story will steer!! Keep Penning.

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