They were his last words “So what if dark clouds have taken my life. They don’t know, I am the Sun. Today I am going down but, I will return piercing sky to claim you” . He took last breath and slept in arms of death.


About 4.5 billion years ago before the existence of life on earth. There were two cities in milky way galaxy, Armadus and Pasturethra. The beauty and power of these two cities was famous in the whole universe.

It is said that Armadus was made of diamonds, found only on the planet Spintia at the end of universe whereas Pasturethra was constructed of metal, lustrous and of indestructible strength only extracted from stars of the other universe on other side of Black Hole . These two cities ruled the whole universe as allies from past 46 million years. As Pasturethra was known for its belief in god, Armadus was known for it’s justice. On one dark day, it’s said that some of the dark forces came silently from other side of Black Hole and tried to rape the most beautiful high priestess Mothy of Pasturethra‘s temple as a step to shatter their respect in universe but was saved by a divine light they mention as “GOD”.

But, instead of being saved untouched, God lost his heart and blessed her with a baby boy. The city was stunned and took it as a start of dark time. In order to save their image in front of whole universe, they discarded her to Lonthes (A planet of discarded and sinful warriors.). She pleaded, cried, but it was of no use as the falling of the high priestess was a worst thing one could ever imagine.

As decided by destiny she was thrown on Lonthes. As she got up, she noticed that every warrior was watching her with fallen hunger. Mothy some how holding her together, as she was holding her child, slowly started walking to find a shelter. One of the warrior filled with fallen wishes, ran towards her in order to get her. As his hands reached her upper cloth, Mothy closed her eyes with fear and started praying the one who dropped her in this situation. A slip of a second changed the scene in blood, blood of the warrior, as his head was cut cleanly by a shiny sword. A sword with some imprints of God‘s word. This sword was beautiful, description cannot be done in words, carved in a clean blend of diamond and metal used in building the two cities Armadus and Pasturethra.

All were silent as dead. This was not a normal sword, lost long before with it’s owner. Thundarruss a warrior who was worshiped for his modesty and fantasized for his valor and skills. As Mothy gained her conscious. He walked away with that sword.  “He never talks and is feared by all” spoke the warden of that prison/planet. “Come I will show you a place to live”, Mothy followed him to the place which was not scary and warm enough to let her son survive in that stormy cold weather.

Days passed…

Kid grown to age of 10. Unnamed child living between fallen ones. No laugh, no happiness. But the most incredible thing was he never cried as he was known of his existence. One fateful day The governors of seven skies arrived on Lonthes.

To shock of every person there they offered all capable warriors to work on contract to fight for there armies in Skywars. Without any delay all agreed to it. But the horrible part was yet to come,The Ledge. A test to prove worth and valor.

Here, warriors are left in arena full of wild unicorns and beasts. Target is to tame and control a black unicorns. All were thrown is this blood thirsty game. Rest were allowed to watch the game in a separate section of venue. Mothy was forced to serve drinks to higher generals. Her son was with her. Game started, soon the arena was vibrating with cries of players and laughs and cheer of spectators.

The Ledge was nothing but a group slaughter of all the fallen, this way or other.One of the priest who was involved in discarding Mothy was sitting there. He was also afraid to face her. With all that hatred and guilt he slapped Mothy,but by that force kid slipped into arena, leaving everyone stunned for a while and next second filled the arena with more laughs and thrill, Mothy fainted watching this scene. But…

The kid was not scared, he was not nervous. He looked at crowd with that innocent face and smiled, smiled as he knew it was preplanned. Without a delay he ran in slaughter and picked an knife from a dead fallen. A beast Starving to have flesh jumped on him and both got lost in that dust. Suddenly blood splashed and kid appeared out of it without a scratch.

Slaughtering one beast after another. “How it is possible?” announcer shouted out of excitement. Soon arena turned in a ground filled with scared screaming beasts. “There it is!!!” shiny, black, heavenly unicorn entered the red field. Kid got tempted, but it was hardest as this unicorn was the most independent of all breeds.

It was looking at boy and boy at him. He slowed down, stopping in front of him . Throwing everyone to shock, boy held it’s hair and climbed on it’s back. It was over. The Ledge has it’s champion now. No one as laughing or clapping. Whole arena was silent as dead.

Ceremony began with silence as nobody was expecting this. Announcer shouted “I invite the GOLDEN BOY” on stage.

Boy climbed up and gave a confident smile to every person in arena. “What’s your name kid?” . Silence,  as he never spoke to anyone, not even to Mothy. An older fallen shouted “He never speaks, he is dumb”. As announcer begin to conclude the ceremony, kid said “I am not dumb” again silence in arena, he continued,“I am not dumb, neither coward nor fallen. I am here to rise. To change destinies. I am SOLARIS”.


13 thoughts on ““Sol” The Warrior-1st Chapter

  1. Anxiously waiting to know what happens next!! just a question, why is it that most of the names(i.e. of characters or places) are somewhat like greeko-roman. Nevertheless, it doesn’t do any harm to this superb work of fiction.

  2. Wow! This is awesome. I love stories. and you have got me hooked here with your imagination and superior choice of words… please please please don’t make us wait for the next part, too long.

  3. Comeback lines of Solaris(lines which u have described in green) are very effective!!!!good job done….proud of you!!!!

  4. This looks really interesting. I’m going to give it a read tonight. Keep it up. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following, by the way! Always great to meet a fellow sci-fi and fantasy enthusiast.

  5. What can happen, Oh! Common what all can happen, Here, near or all around us.. This world, Galaxy or Universe…

    Man you are a storyteller… I am a Fan… and so on..

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