Me N U

Me n U r one weird couple,

We don’t talk, but expect it all,

We fall, but don’t shout that we love,

We look out for each other, but r scared to reach,

u know what all this teach?

We r meant to be together, 

Whether the life goes, red, blue or purple,

Me n U r one weird couple…

We show attitude, we flaunt ego,

but at back of head, we never let go,

We hope, we cry, we laugh, we fly,

We wait, commit,

In love we submit…

We r healthy n fresh as an apple,

Me n U r one weird couple…



Invisible Lover…

It’s been 8 long years she was in a failed marriage, she was frustrated, annoyed… Life was hopeless undesirable. It was a very tough time for Sia. She dreamt of this guy married him but for what? She always felt he never loved her and all she was left with was dates on calendar.

Then she met a very rich handsome smart colleague of her’s. They started talking, spending time, & life of Sia became hopeful about life.

One fine day, after two years of their friendship, Rahul proposed her, now Sia was left on cross-road of decision. She had a committed life so far but, she decided to ask Gautam, her husband, to release her from this fake bond.

The other day she got a call for Gautam’s office colleague that he is no more, Sia was speechless, shocked and in great grief. After the cremation ceremony, Gautam’s friend asked her to pick a key from Gautam’s side of bed, that she had no idea about. The key was of one small trunk, she got suspicious and finally after long process of thought she opened it in front of Rahul….. It had all her letters of past 8 years, her broken coffee mugs, cassettes of her favorite songs and above all it had a letter from Gautam. It said,” I know you feel angry on me baby, but I am waiting for the day when you will sneak in my trunk. That day you will know, I am not only your lover but, I am your only True Lover.”

imagesSometimes in our own hidden ego and perception we miss out on most precious belongings of life…

What’s lost never comes back… So, keep your gems of life safe…

God Bless !!!

How far can you go?

Feeling troubled of your surroundings?

Nothing seems right?


Something is not right with this situation?

Ok, point taken.


How far can you go to make things right for you, think. You got stuck? You know why? Because your limit of reaction remains to your boundaries of impact, beyond that you might think that you are creating a difference but you are not in real.

Yes, it may sound strange to you but this is the reality. you have to absorb and adjust because our whole universe is a phenomenon of INTERDEPENDENCE. You have to take blow if you give a blow & no, no brother! it’s not a two way communication, it is a global thing. you have to understand we are connected but not that much where people cannot erase or think twice before hurting you.

So, next time you feel doubtful, THINK before you REACT.

With Wisdom,


Beauty is more than what we see…

What if, everything, everyone is not what they appear to be… Inside every tough person there is a soft fragile and kind heart worth respect…

What if, we start looking beyond our eyesight…

Being HUMAN is a simple thought but over the time on my journey to understand this simple expression made me realize that, it is a series of  improvements bred on the feeling of honesty…

It starts from accepting one’s self as it is. There is a lot for everyone to change in order to become the best specimen of homo sapien sapien, but it start from understanding what we are and in reality whole world revolves around this.

Today technology has left human thoughts in a question of existence that “Is this what we wanted?”

We often feel sad around the situations when, we witness humanity suffering under the crisis of dark thoughts. In reality, we don’t think about others. Before saying, analyzing, criticizing, hitting, raping, looting, abusing… We don’t realize that what we are questioning in real, is it what is the true form or it’s just an self crafted dull thought that has been brought up by our own insecurity, pity, jealousy etc.

Often a mind falls in dilemma of doing right or what it wants, look there is no harm in being in family, in a group of people who care for you and feel secure but is that it? Isn’t it being in a comfort zone?

When I walk being a lost soul wandering through this street surrounded by crowd of souls like me. I see no difference, they are all souls, it’s corrupted when I look at outer appearance and brain that rules the action of us all…

Let’s walk to an extra person, let’s see beauty of soul of one more this time…

Humans are beautiful, appreciate them…

God Bless


Walk has been good this far,

Giggles and laughs, tears and screams,

Sometimes nasty fights, unwanted beatings,

Dreaming cartoons, eating chocolates,

Maggi fight, more in other plates,

Walk has been good this far,

Crushes, belly butterflies,

Lesser truths, more of cute lies,

Break ups – Makeups, talking to mirrors,

Rocky rising from all his terrors,

Walk has been good this far,

Loosing, gaining,

Mixed feel, when it’s raining,

Running in pain, panting in love,

Hating n thanking, one who sits above,

Thanks a ton for treating me as a little star,

Yes it has been,

Walk has been good this far.