“Creature” something that is created, world is full of creatures. All made by god, is that true ? Well, half in case of me. I was born as his creation but… Now, I am a creature which is read, written or fantasized.

It has been said that there are various things that human fears, most of them are unseen. Ghosts, aliens, supernatural, and above all “Death”.

When I was created I might had some of them . . .

But now I don’t have similar fears as you do. They turned me in one of your fear. Now I am stated as beast, killer, merchant of death .. or bloodsuckers.

Yes, you got me, I am that. It all started on 7 feb 2017, my 25th birthday (I say it now), It started from a blackout.

Black out

7 Feb 2017 (Present Day)

“Ah! my head is gonna blast… gotta take some medicine.” As I got up I found myself on a street. Dark, scary, blank. “Where am I ? Oh this backache, I gotta go. But where ? Home ? Where is my home ? Darn! I don’t remember anything and what this pain I am feeling in my stomach ? Wait” and suddenly I realized all world was stranger to me.

“Who am I ? F**k I don’t remember anything. My name, must be there in my Id, pocket or anything related”. I checked all my pockets and found nothing. I was trying to recall anyone I know, any clue, any shit, all in vain. Then I started walking down the street, I was feeling weak, hungry, and f***ed up. I was so weak, I was feeling so doped, and continuously felt like some thing was scratching me from inside.

Pain was increasing exponentially, I decided to walk down the street and seek for some help. Each step was so painful, as I was walking towards my death. “Huh! stop now, I cannot bear anymore. Hell! Ah!”. As I looked at the street, I saw this girl, blonde, sharp, tall, slim looking at me in a tempted manner. “What? I am feeling good. Relief in pain”. As it was all a plan I was feeling so free, that I got all the time to take my chances on this red wine.I walked to her and asked “Is this loneliness is irritating you?”. She smiled as she was waiting for this and replied,”Walk with me“.

I followed her, without second thoughts. I knew she was falling for me badly, I was able to hear her very clearly . “What’s this sound? someone is talking here, right here in my head. Is it her, No it’s not possible”. Her heartbeat was so loud and it was making me hungry. She took me to a motel. After a moment we were in a room. Her fragrance was making me a beast. I was trying to control my temptation. I sat on bed and waited for her first move. She got down on floor like a tigress on the way to hunt me. Walking slowly towards her prey. “I am going to have a feast”, and she kissed me wetting me with her passion, but it didn’t turn as i thought. She came to me and her beautiful neck was a half mm away from me. She was so, so tempting and all of a sudden i felt it all. “Grrr! huh” I was breathing heavily and my gums were hurting as they were coming out. “Ah!” and they came out unleashing my truth, my new identity, I approached her neck and injected her, drank all.

“Oh! it’s so satisfying. Shit! what am I doing? It’s amazing”. She turned pale and I turned strong and more shiny. I threw her on floor and soon realized the course of last few minutes. “Hell! What I did? Holy s**t”. It was all over me her taste and her life. I crushed in few seconds. I went to the mirror and encountered a different “Me”.

My face was pale, eyes were red and “What’s that?”, there were two of them above my canines. “Two fangs..” and I was speechless…



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