It has been a long time. I haven’t seen her since she was leaving for her post graduation“How will I face her? As I never had idea that our next meeting will be to end eight years long relationship”.

Anyhow, I was prepared for worst. “Yes, I am ready. How am I gonna recognize her? Voice, yes it’s the only thing I remember now”.

Then, I saw her walking towards me. I didn’t faced any difficulty in recognition. She was so elegant and divine, like old times. So fragile, still holding herself with strength. I liked this very much in her.

She came to me, smiled and said,“After seeing you, I forgot we are here to end it”. I was speechless. Yes, I loved this girl but I have to get rid of this as soon as possible. Suddenly I realized, she has grown so mature, she has grown into a woman.

I brought her home as her plan was to leave next day. We had coffee and little chat on present  condition of our life. She was so comfortable that after sometime I almost forgot the reason of our meeting.

She asked me to take her for walk, so we did. Beautiful weather, moon light, me and her. “I am so satisfied. So much in peace. All that frustration, all that anger, discomfit of job, criticism of world,  all gone”.

All the times we met earlier, we had no time for us. We celebrated but never realized that it was not time, it was our heart and silent love that connected us. But now it was too late. We decided to fall apart.

The whole day, we spent together. I was silent as for the first time I felt her presence so strong…

I was able hear her heart, she was saying it, yes she didn’t spoke but she was asking me to stop her and make her mine. “But I cannot carry this, I mean how can I? I have a strong reason to walk off. And my reason is … Um it is that I … Oh! I forgot all, all I planned, all I decided and so was she”. While all this on my mind, I didn’t realize we walked twenty-one blocks from our place.

” Say, what’s your decision?” I asked. She looked into my eyes and said,”I … I … I cannot stay away anymore”.

“What? I mean you wanted this. Thousands times you told me you don’t feel it anymore. You ever thought how much it hurts me?”.

“And do you realize why I said that ?”. Blank, silence, everything was clear she loves me. It was just distance and times that created all this mess. “I should say it to her. Wait, but why ? I mean it’s fine I have feelings for her but I don’t think they are that strong now”. All of a sudden I saw she was off footpath, an uncontrolled truck was going to hit her…

I pulled her back, “Oh! god baby”. I hugged her so tight that she almost felt hard to breathe and said ” Hey ! it’s fine I am okay and thanks”. Without any delay I replied “I love you baby. I love you. Never even think of leaving me. I cannot lose you”. And within that very second life told me what I was missing. We walked home, silently but this time I was holding her tight and with all love.


6 thoughts on “I love you …

  1. dats cool buddy!!!
    Its true, we realize the importance of our loved ones only when we are about to lose them or have already lost them….

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