Remember me ? I am Faquir. I am Soul. I am immortal. Sometimes it is painful to walk through the times, ages all alone. Where I can see everyone but no one knows me. Everyone around me is a stranger. Same souls with all washed memories come again and again to me and get to know me with a new start.

Today I wanna talk about anger, rage, frustration. Believe me these demons are not as strong as they look. I have seen a lot since the very beginning of the human intelligence… I remember when it was so hard for him to drag weight, then he made the wheel.

Ha ha amazing fellow, just like the freaky scientists of today. But it didn’t happened by chance he failed he turned dumb sometimes, filled with frustration and anxiety. But it was not the anger who won on him, it was his patience and calm mind who just made demon lose the battle.

Same fellows i have seen through ages, Leonardo, Columbus, Aryabhatta, they all were incredible. They never had that fierce and warrior kind of look but they defeated these demons just in a blink of time.

So, what’s wrong now ? You are not inventing not discovering not fighting for freedom, then why are you so weak ? Your boss scolds you, you cry. Your friends mock you, you cry. Your spouse asks you to manage life, you start screaming. What’s wrong ?

All those whom I mentioned were also the one who have been through similar situations. You wanna know what they did ? They left all in silence and spent time to relax, free from typed thoughts, suddenly a ray of light striked them, and yes, they did it.

Try with peaceful souls, not muscular mind. You are the next to invent or discover something. Believe me, I have walked through eras. I am Faquir, deep inside you.


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