Sometimes, yes sometimes, we come across someone who is more than a person, who is a story which pushes you to think the relevance and meaning of existence.


We often speak about the LIFE, SATISFACTION, ACHIEVEMENTS… But somewhere between DREAMS & REALITY, lies a place which is just very different from the secure and bright world like ours.

So, my very special friend MOHIT KHANNA met this guy, let’s call him “GUY”

GUY was totally off food, since past ten days and besides that, this day also, he ate this plate to half only. He was consuming alcohol and smoking bidi since ten days, and for that half consumed food he said,“I don’t want to”

This is the part of story MOHIT shared with me, I felt curious, thinking – “What is important in this life? Is it rising up? because if that is then, it can only be realized by materialistic minds which 70% of the world is, when they see people looking at them from the ground of failure… Or importance of life lies in how we grow in society? Which is just a confined space filled with people who know us, we are nothing for those, who are not aware of our identity..”

This man pushed me in thought that if, there are people who are chasing success, ignorant of the fact that, they are approaching death without enjoying this journey called “life”, they are not better than those, who waste this precious gift in falling from real meaning of human life…


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