It’s been 8 long years she was in a failed marriage, she was frustrated, annoyed… Life was hopeless undesirable. It was a very tough time for Sia. She dreamt of this guy married him but for what? She always felt he never loved her and all she was left with was dates on calendar.

Then she met a very rich handsome smart colleague of her’s. They started talking, spending time, & life of Sia became hopeful about life.

One fine day, after two years of their friendship, Rahul proposed her, now Sia was left on cross-road of decision. She had a committed life so far but, she decided to ask Gautam, her husband, to release her from this fake bond.

The other day she got a call for Gautam’s office colleague that he is no more, Sia was speechless, shocked and in great grief. After the cremation ceremony, Gautam’s friend asked her to pick a key from Gautam’s side of bed, that she had no idea about. The key was of one small trunk, she got suspicious and finally after long process of thought she opened it in front of Rahul….. It had all her letters of past 8 years, her broken coffee mugs, cassettes of her favorite songs and above all it had a letter from Gautam. It said,” I know you feel angry on me baby, but I am waiting for the day when you will sneak in my trunk. That day you will know, I am not only your lover but, I am your only True Lover.”

imagesSometimes in our own hidden ego and perception we miss out on most precious belongings of life…

What’s lost never comes back… So, keep your gems of life safe…

God Bless !!!

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