What if, everything, everyone is not what they appear to be… Inside every tough person there is a soft fragile and kind heart worth respect…

What if, we start looking beyond our eyesight…

Being HUMAN is a simple thought but over the time on my journey to understand this simple expression made me realize that, it is a series of  improvements bred on the feeling of honesty…

It starts from accepting one’s self as it is. There is a lot for everyone to change in order to become the best specimen of homo sapien sapien, but it start from understanding what we are and in reality whole world revolves around this.

Today technology has left human thoughts in a question of existence that “Is this what we wanted?”

We often feel sad around the situations when, we witness humanity suffering under the crisis of dark thoughts. In reality, we don’t think about others. Before saying, analyzing, criticizing, hitting, raping, looting, abusing… We don’t realize that what we are questioning in real, is it what is the true form or it’s just an self crafted dull thought that has been brought up by our own insecurity, pity, jealousy etc.

Often a mind falls in dilemma of doing right or what it wants, look there is no harm in being in family, in a group of people who care for you and feel secure but is that it? Isn’t it being in a comfort zone?

When I walk being a lost soul wandering through this street surrounded by crowd of souls like me. I see no difference, they are all souls, it’s corrupted when I look at outer appearance and brain that rules the action of us all…

Let’s walk to an extra person, let’s see beauty of soul of one more this time…

Humans are beautiful, appreciate them…

God Bless

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