Here is a travel journal by my friend Sumedha… Guys read it and visit this place…

Wishful thinking

A bunch of us decided to set out for a break that was needed post our exams. There were a lot of places to explore. We finally decided to go to Kasol.We hired a cab from Dehradun knowing full well that this was going to be an 18 hour journey. Since it was mostly a night journey we hardly got any glimpses of the mountain ranges. The area between Pandoh Dam and Kullu is the best. I urge the travellers to just simply sit at one of the view points and enjoy the sunrise while watching the localities travel to their work. During one of our chai stops we realized one of our bags went missing.  Now this bag had about 7500 bucks. This would mean we would have to cover up expenses for the others! We anyway continued our trip with a positive outlook.

Enter Kasol

We stopped at…

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