It’s was a scene of hell. Roar of demons, Cry of innocents, some called war front a display of patriotism but I just witnessed unnecessary killings. Three of my colleagues – two officers and one soldier were already down. Only five of us were left, to be true not even complete five, one lost his leg and one lost his whole arm.


They were dominating us till it happened, my commanding officer Captain Aditya shouted ”Fellows we need to take them down at any cost. If they got our motherland, they will rape it. So, from now your commanding officer will be Virat” and he took some grenades and ran into them.

After few seconds, there was a blast, all gone, he took twenty of them with him.We were silent and mourning for him. Though, he was senior to us, but also a real friend, a brother and companion.

That day when I was leaving for my joining, it’s still fresh as it happened yesterday.

“Abhi! Packing done ?” my father was shouting from lawn. “Yes dad” I replied. My mom came to me to say  bye ,“Abhimanyu, you are my most prized possession. Now prove it to everyone. Bring pride baby”“Yes mom” I replied back. I was waiting for her, my love, my life Sneha. She arrived with her dad with those tearful eyes, she was looking like angel staring at me silently, I didn’t want to leave. “Listen to me, you rock star !! Come back soon or I will come over there to slap you”. She was all mine, always so passionate and alive. “I love you too hitler”, I whispered and hugged her.

The border was tensed as intruders were successful to penetrate to some extent. The officer I reported was the star of that battalion, Captain Aditya Raghunandan Sisodia. He was as tough as his name. I was nervous to face him. He arrived and stood right in front of me and said with that firm voice, “Kid, be prepared, after some days you will return home as a hero, I promise”.

Days passed, we came close. On the whole Rocky was reserve at nature, I called him that, but he was like an elder brother to me. I was the only child but never felt so protected as he made me feel with him.

That day, that very day when we lost him, in morning he summoned me and said,“Abhi! today is our day to remain handsome forever. Today we all will get the glory, dead or alive. Promise me one thing, no matter what, you will not lose faith in me”. I was so much motivated by rocky da, I replied with confidence “Yes Sir! Victory and honor will be ours”.


It was hard to believe right between the land of Fire and Death, that I lost him. Victory was still away, my new commanding officer suggested that we should wait for backup and all agreed. Rocky was lying right over there, with those hopeful open eyes, dead but still talking to me. Suddenly, I saw few of them are coming towards him to confirm his death and if not then to kill him. I waited for my heart’s decision “I might get this done with safety and return home, but Rocky, I owe something to him”. That very moment I got a thought when I was missing my family, he came to me, hugged me and said “Hey kid, don’t worry your mom has two sons now. We will get back alive to hug her”. “I owe him respect, love what he gave to me when I was in need”.

Without a second thought I ran into them and started shooting them fiercely. I got hit by a bullet, rest was black out.

Today, I am about to be discharged from hospital, doctors say I got a bullet in my head, I was in coma for last one year, but survived somehow. My mom was happy, dad was relax, and angel… lost faith in my recovery so… She got married. Today, when I rewind all that in my mind and ask myself, “Was I a Soldier, a Patriot ? No, I didn’t thought any of this at that time. What if I would have waited ? Yes may be I would have got my angel forever, but Rocky’s dead body ? It was more important, his parents had full right to see him for last time”. I remember his words,”Have faith in me”. I did that I brought him back and he blessed me with a new life. After death he didn’t forget to fulfill his first promise. I returned home as a hero, I got the glory and victory. “Why I did that? I did that for you, only for you brother”.


Thanks for listening to me, it’s Maha Vir Chakra, Captain Abhimanyu Arjun Goswami saying “Jai Hind !!”




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