I was with my friend at an eye hospital. It was a long wait and boring like hell. I was trying to find some magazine to keep my mind occupied. At that very moment between boredom and tries, I saw this couple who in there 80’s I suppose. The woman was a patient and there were covers on her eyes. Her man was holding her firmly and with care and was leading her to doctor. Site was simple as everyday. People with health issues do visit doctor but my focus was not dragged because of this.

We often suffer with relationship issues

  • Loyalty
  • Trust
  • Love
  • Understanding
  • Anger
  • Responsibility
  • Habits

These are very few of the topics that create mess on everyday basis in a person’s life.

But this couple just compelled me to think on a famous word nowadays –


I felt this about the couple:

old couple water plant paris HR“It’s not about you get irritated from me every single day. It’s not about why I don’t call you or you only initiate communication every time, It’s not my ambitions or desires neither your demands. I am not right for you and you are not right for me, it’s just an escape… Leaving you is an excuse of much more valuable words and feelings. All this relation’s path is about one thing”

You need not to scream; when you need my hand,

You don’t have to yell when I am lazy; I am the one, who will listen anyway,

You don’t always have to cry to rest on my shoulders; I am here all the time,

I am with you; for not anything expressive,

I am here because I am born for being around you…


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