We have loved them, hated them, stood with them, left them, been loved by them, been left by them…

Women have been half of our lives since birth to death.

Mother, Sister, Friend, Girlfriend, Wife, Daughter… All around us.

I truly accept their existence in my life… I love Mom, Bua(Mom), Chachi, Mami, Mausi, my beloved Sisters, & my love Ishu…


 They are all around me, always been there to tickle me, care for me, shout at me, and worry for me. But when I hear insecurity in their voices, their concern, I ask my self  “Do I give back what they have given me my whole life?”

Answer is I can’t…

And no one can…

Smiles, love, kisses, blessings, hugs, concerns cannot be paid back… And if they could we men are so mean we will always calculate less than that was given to us.

So, leaving these unnecessary calculations behind…

I simply and with whole heart wanna thank every single woman  who have been around me to make me a man I am today and will be tomorrow…

Happy Women’s Day


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