Today I learnt a lesson for a lifetime. I find myself lucky to have this in my early years when I have many in my hand to rectify what has not been up to the mark.

We earn a lot being in IT field… and as years pass we grow exponentially in terms of bank balance, but what we really earn is GREED, SHOW OFF, EGO, MEAN ATTITUDE, HARSH TONGUE.



Materials are never gonna extinct and they will never stop to tempt us. They will keep growing stronger day by day. I have a friend who has earned latter mentioned characteristics being a year younger in industry. BRAVO!!! for him and SHAME!!! for people like me who choke them selves under debt to catch the flashy side of life. I wanna undo all this and I will from his very moment. I don’t know how far my efforts will take me but

IT’S not LIFE that CONTROLS you, IT’S your DEEDS that push you in PITY



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