It’s a prayer in Aramaic language. I loved the way India Ocean band has composed it…

Kandisa Alahaye, Kandisa Hylsana,
Kandisa Alahaye, Kandisa Hylsana.
aalam aalam Aalam, Aamenu Aamen.
sliha Mar Yose, Almaduba-ha Qudisa-ha,
angene Dhanusa, Nyahveh Dukrana.

aalam aalam Aalam, Aamenu Aamen,
sliha Mar Yose, Almadbaha Qudisa-ha.
angene Dhanusa, Nyahveh Dukrana.
Kandisa Alaha, Kandisa Hylsana, Kandisa La Ma Yosa Isaraham Alem.


Holy God, Holy Strong One (epitome of divine strength-Omnipotent),
Invocation (3),
Truly, Truly, Truly (So be it) (Sanskrit: thathaasthu)
Our father Joseph, at your Holy altar,
humbly I submit (Sanskrit: Sarvam Samarpayaami), may that be forever in memory (heart and mind).
Holy GOD, Holy Strong One (epitome of divine strength- Omnipotent),
Holy immortal (epitome of immortality-Omnipresent), please have mercy on me.



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