In today’s time, when every second person is soiled in jealousy  hatred, criticism, lust, drugs and similar negative activities or paints that not only stain our character but also stain our lives, and on the whole these things stain our nation because we, us, our these three words make a nation… Our mother “MOTHER INDIA”.

It was completely an co incident that I was on road late night, when I met two guys, finishing with poster of an event on and auto rickshaw for some reason or to highlight something. They gave me an invitation card for same and said that the respected comedian Mr. Sudesh Lehri is going to perform there as well as a band named Eternal Bliss will present their music. 

I crossed them, went home and almost forgot about it. Then in evening it suddenly clicked me, that there is a card in my pocket  I saw it and gave a though,”Why not just be there for fun?”, so I called up my buddy for same and went to GIP mall. 


Still no excitement about it but when I reached there, these people were performing a play on SWAMI VIVEKANANDA. As it progressed I almost had goose bumps, it was pure, white and powerful…

It clearly shook my conscience to ask my self,“Whether am I a youth or it’s just my appearance?”… I heard comedian talking about his experiences and then the performance by Eternal Bliss. They were so talented, and along with that the performance was so nice and blissful pouring all its positivism in me.

I left that place but cannot forget the feel. Never felt so positive… Thanks SAM!!



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