Jay… Siddhartha… Sid… Pathak… 

Photo1172kI Live in a world which gives you aliases before you enter the domain of concrete, flesh, abstract, and else.

7th was the day… When I arrived in hands of a beautiful girl and her guy. Nobody knew that was a beginning of a life that will be on this earth for this long. All celebrated and embraced me with love and excitement as being the first kid of my generation in family…



Time passed and I grew into an obedient and peaceful kid. For me love was all I got from every person in my life. Always felt safe ad protected and most of the times was careless about my self. (Believe me!! This habit still is sticking with me.)

Growth made me emotional at heart and sensitive at brain. Every time the protection blurred, it got really hard for me to survive in competitive world. What else I got with my passing years is very important word. 



I am quick at making friends but luckiest to filter best out of all. Most of them hurt in some way but as long as I have my gems in my pocket, I felt okay about all.

Impulse is what made most of my personality through these passing winters… Presentable is second of it, deep came after many experience I had, and responsible is yet to come.

Love has been a major part of my life, for parents, family, friends, affectionate, and rest. It taught me to respect, obey, pursue, realize, understand, and stand with those who are important or in need.


Important phases for my mental growth I spent alone with me to learn the life that defines us. This made me a partial saint out of a devil. Devil because grey was always a strong color in me.

Few people had a really great impact on my persona and metal canvas. They drew a lot of permanent memories plus flowcharts that made me the man I am today.



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