The girl, the very person who was the only one to suffer such a horrible crime is no more. She passed away.


All her pain are silent now, no remembrance of what happened in this life will hurt her soul. But her existence would have been entirely different, may be she could have reached home safely without any trouble. In some years, she may had a chance to do something for her dreams, few years later a blissful settlement with the person she wanted and a normal peaceful life ahead.

But, she died, she died in worst conditions, conditions nobody can even curse to their enemies.

“This is life”, or  “Is this life?”, We have these two options. One will leave us unaware of next and other will compel us to take a stand. And choice is completely independent.


I woke up with this news today, and since then I cannot find peace of mind, maybe things have turned out other way around for this innocent person, completely unaware of the devil’s presence but, this does not mean that Devil is sleeping. He is always awake to do his filthy sins, to turn earth in hell.

This time God will not come to rescue because he wants his children to take a stand against Devil.


Ask yourself …

Which is your side? 

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