WHO YOU CAN TRUST THESE DAYS? NO ONE….. JUST NO ONE… If these suspects were hanged by the date this might not happen.

A 30-year-old woman was sedated and raped allegedly by three men in Uttar Pradesh who then dumped her in south-east Delhi, police said today.


The fresh case comes close on the heels of a 23-year-old girl being gang-raped in a moving bus in south Delhi on December 16.

Police claimed that the woman, who hails from Jaipur, was raped somewhere in Vrindavan and dumped in south-east Delhi’s Kalkaji area last night.

The incident came to light around 9.15 PM when a passerby saw the woman lying on a road and called the police.The victim had gone to Vrindavan on December 22 and was returning home yesterday.

She met Verma there and he accompanied her in a car to her hometown.On the way, Verma’s two friends joined them. “She told us that she was gagged, sedated and raped by the trio. They took turns to rape her. A medical examination has confirmed rape,” a senior police official said.

Police said she was conscious and taken to AIIMS where she is undergoing treatment. A case of gang-rape under section 376(G) has been registered. One of the accused identified as Dilip Verma has been detained.

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Delhi Police spokesperson Rajan Bhagat said Verma was picked up from Agra and he is being brought to Delhi for interrogation. He claimed that he knows the victim for five years.

Three teams have been formed and are raiding several places to catch the other two accused.

A senior police official said it is claimed that the woman had earlier tried to get a rape case registered in Agra but after investigations, police did not file any case as they found the allegations to be false. Police was verifying it.

This is the news that shook me to quote this:

“Ignore the government, but is anybody serious about what happened. Moral has lost its meaning”

A friend can rape you, a relative can rape you, a father, a colleague anyone can turn into a devil just in a second when he mistakes you for a toy. What’s the point of anything until all of us understand this thing’s  pre and post effects.

One does not rapes only a body, but leaves a non curable scar on soul and mind of the victim and related people. Imagine what will it feel like, when fear will shock you  even when your blood relation touches you.

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When you will walk alone on safe street and imaginary figures will haunt you. I bet no one can bear this feeling life long, because the worst thing in the world is to live in fear. This mentality is not only harming women or victims. Its haunting old fathers, shy brothers, weak spouses. Everyone knows in their heart that they cannot save their beloved from a pack of wolves without brain and sentiments. I even feel odd to say India is my mother because mother is feminine word and feminine stand for victims to these brutal hungry assholes.

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My group of friends were thinking if all those who are willing to save victims before getting victimized by any means can get together for one idea, we found ourselves far behind from this fallen age of criminals. Big reason of this is the question “How you will know or recognize them?”.

If it was possible, I would have depicted the pain of those people through some means. Even thinking of these incidents fills me with violent ideas, anger and insult to hurt the culprits but, you can fight the man not the idea behind it.

So, I am still trying to figure out the way by which humans start behaving like humans again.

Do think of its cure, and not wasting your thoughts in anger…

God keep all of us safe and in peace

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