This guy is a flavor in my life… After such a mature time together… I will quote, he is a spice that affects the whole recipe (In both best and worst ways)…


A lot one can deduce by this picture. This guy is all about a box known as computer varying over a range of its existence from desktop to palm top. Fanatic of APPLE INC. So, if you wanna kill him then isolate this 25 years old thing from technology, because this very word is what defines him. 

Again, the name is not important because the person is all about his… sorry, neither character, nor heart, but a light weighted thing surrounded by fluid governing all impulses of motor and sensory nerves.. Yes, you got me. This very man is all about his brain…

Often I wonder, what a writer brain like me is doing with this skinny, over hairy on head, creepy eyed man. But answer is deep, somewhere there is a thing like blurred emotion that drives us together, wasn’t blurred always. So, now on exact description part…

Skinny, technology fed, survives on his brain, eats seldom, codes often, loves to handle all and suddenly gets irritated on non technical things, in his brain he is an idealist but in real he is confused, a wanna be Steve Jobs, appears to be Mark Zuckerberg, results as techno freak.

This man always loves to generate last and most efficient solutions, which is sometimes really irritating, an average leader, but above all what I honestly feel is that, he is an innocent person with not so innocent desires.

And off the record he sometimes also acts like human… just kidding. Only thing that makes him human is a soft part, a part that compels him to stick with emotions, “Love life”, but the most interesting thing is there also this machine performs well as a machine. So, on the whole, its a wonderful experience to live around a device like this… The Secret behind some nice mentions is that he is my mentor, friend, room-mate and TL and somewhere a brother too… I am not sure what this Machine GNV thinks on it…

More interesting character to come…

Stay connected…

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