So, might be a bore heading to start reading my write up. But recently have been through an interesting piece of work Sherlock. Well I am a much of Visual follower so this series impressed me a lot. Apart from my regular fanatic experience, I perceived some incredibly amazing facts from same. The most important thing that enhances human intelligence Observation.the-clues-of-deduction


I will explain my view here. What we do all day or what we see and hear or related sensory actions, we deduce understating on each and everything happening around us.

As we start our day we go through various sites from boiling eggs and tea to our work stations and cab for home. But the real question is “Do we really observe what we see?”.
Now, if I tell you that you could be incredibly intelligent as Einstein just by observing thing, you will laugh out loud. So, let’s prove it by an example:
A person’s working hand could be judged by the foot he/she keeps forward to start a walk. Stress could be deduced by an intrinsic repetitive action of working hand or foot. Motion of anger could be judged before action by change in ear color. 
These are characteristics deduction…
Now apply same for work and while you sit in a meeting or having a project discussion, don’t just see or listen… 
Observe and deduce.
It processes more use full data for each synapse of brain and will filter 80000 waste thoughts per day to 62%  of useful database just dependent on visualized input.
In short more useful the data –  more accurate the info –  more advance deduction – amazing results.
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