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I’ve written about the need for modern-day fiction to really appreciate how digital technology and multiculturalism has affected our day-to-day lives.  William Gibson gets it right in his BigendBookstrilogy and the same can also be said for the BBC series known as Sherlock.

Set in modern London, in a world where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories don’t exist, John Watson encounters a new friend and a world of mystery and terrifying adventures.  Sherlock Holmes is an amateur detective, a brilliant mind brought in by Scotland Yard to crack the toughest cases using his deductive abilities and utter ruthlessness.  But for all his gift at solving crimes and unraveling conspiracies, the greatest mystery is Sherlock’s relationship to others: his sole friend John, his estranged brother Mycroft, and his deadly rival Jim Moriarty.  A lot of tension comes from Sherlock himself, his genius often crippled by what might be either…

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