All those who are wondering about this date in the whole existing or existed time. Kindly listen  and be patient while reading this piece of undersigned view of very normal human mind.

Most of us woke up today in morning with a feel of excitement to be a part of something miraculous,”Today things will change, today my struggle will end, today she will say yes, today I will get something precious” Blah! Blah! Blah!

Sorry to shatter the wide winged hopes but it’s not the date or day what changes things, it’s not the angel sitting up high on clouds give you what you wish. It’s you and your positive and cheerful mind what makes you achieve what seemed impossible yesterday.

So, keep your hope alive but don’t make it  dependent on something that is not in your control. Believe the day you will stay positive in will be the miraculous day of your life.

Have a nice 12.12.12….

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2 thoughts on “12.12.12

  1. Nicely put! Actually this is the type of “inside” rescue that the December 2012 Portal requires us to do in order to graduate. It doesn’t mean you don’t have to believe that there is something out there, just be the change you want in your world. Cheers ;)

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