Few months back, I came to know about this site… As usual “It’s different”, and was not feeling too curious about it. Then, at lunch my friend told me, that I must go through it once and thus after two hours, I registered my account. 

What I found is, in days of show off and polished product IntoWire is a raw chocolate muffin, that gives you the feeling of using some thing medieval in look but next-gen in approach…

External chat… Blogging collaborated with social networking… Gifts… Prizes… and above all approach totally different from nowadays market. “Where social networking starts…”, I can smell young blood behind this dusty push. What I liked most in this effort is Dashboard given to every user to configure plugins and looks of their profile.


For me it gives a sexy feature to form Ur band and load Ur musical stuff which helps in promotion, but… As, I used Facebook for a long time, somewhere I felt that these guys have idea of their own… No traits of copy but, yes lack of boost and appreciation is making them slow. So, I appreciate IntoWire guys for doing this with new approach…. Bravo!!

I ask my fellas to join it not just to promote a fresh thing,but for trying something new as we writers have the power to change fates…


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