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mars_curiosity_bannerNASA is still producing some very impressive images from Curiosity’s impressive stockpile of footage. The latest is this short, but high-resolution clip, of Curiosity’s landing. Composed of stills taken by the Mars Descent Imager (MARDI), a camera pointing down that took shots as the rover was lowered to the ground by the sky crane, the good people at Spaceflight101 made this compilation, time-lapse video from them.

Of particular coolness is the small cloud of dust kicked up as the sky cranes rocket thrusters as it nears the ground. And then there’s the closing frames where you can see when one of the rover’s wheels snap down into place. It’s a fantastic age when we not only get footage of rovers and other craft landing on other planets, but in high-resolution and color too. Remember the grainy black and white footage of the Moon Landing? Yeah, Neil Armstrong must be watching…

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