I have heard lot of things about this very word since my childhood… Grew up following some opinion as universal truth, but now when I am 24 and have seen same years walking around lives and places, I strongly believe in one thing about love. It is all about owning, you cannot let it go or leave or free what you love…

Yes, first reaction of many people on this can vary to a vast range of views. Now, as a writer my responsibility is share my views with examples and leave it to you what you wanna feel or react on it. Love, I love you then I wanna be with you then I am responsible for you then you are responsible for me then i cannot let anyone hurt you then I will not let you hurt yourself then I cannot share you with anyone because I LOVE YOU.

It is same for friends, lovers, parents, offspring etc. The issue arises when somebody enter the domain of an honest lover who has for unconditional love and patience till now. But till now is not ever. Now has just ended because someone is here to challenge what you have been proud for since a long time.

All is going good you are still patient and all gets infected by one private talk between your interest and third person irrespective of their gender. What? Why? When? all arises at once and only one has to pay but who,“The one you love!!”.

“How can he/she? He/She is wrong? He/she will pay for this?”

But for all this confrontation you have only one excuse “I am doing this for his/her well-being”

Isn’t this hypocrisy…


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