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Five years ago, I pitched a brilliant idea to an editor I know: a modern take on Sherlock Holmes. Instead of shooting cocaine, he smokes pot! Instead of being a violin virtuoso, he plays the sax! Instead of Watson publishing his stories about Holmes … well, wherever he supposedly published them, he’d have a blog! And, instead of being a wounded army doctor just back from Afghanistan, he’d be a wounded army doctor just back from … whoa! Afghanistan! We could call the book “Sherlock.com” so folks would know this wasn’t your grandpa’s Sherlock Holmes.

(Good titles are hard, people. Just ask the guy who came up with “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.”)

The editor’s response (after rousing himself from what looked like a very satisfying nap): “Sherlock Holmes is played out. Have you thought about Robin Hood?”

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(Note to self: Dust…

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