“At times one remains faithful to a cause only because its opponents do not cease to be insipid.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

I’ve spent a good part of this morning defending two blog posts that hit the TechCrunch homepage last night. No it wasn’t “Jumio’s Credit Card Scanning Technology Pops Up in Travelocity’s Hotel Deals App” or even “Flayvr, A Mobile App That Automatically Creates Photo Albums, Raises $450K Seed Round.” Nope, instead, it was two posts that used the F-word* in the headline.

Quelle surprise.

Okay, for the record, F-word to F-word TechCrunch headlines is an aberration and not a habit: The total number of TechCrunch posts ever with the F-word in the title (including the two from yesterday) has been five — not counting URLs, stories about F*cked Company, or posts where people actually said the word F*ck, such as when then Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz…

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