Did I really hear that ? !

All day we hear snippets.
Snippets which when pieced together make snese, though more often than not, not.
I hear snippets and wonder where they come from. Sometimes they condense from the ether, in the way air kisses stir the atmosphere, and in doing so fertilise the imagination.
The writing of policy is not fantasy, the surrounding office atmosphere is. Can it be that what I am hearing is of this world?
I’m journeying into this ‘other world’, like written cartoons, to see what happens when I pull on the thread of these miscellaneous conversations. My guess is something will unravel.
so here goes……

K spent the night in labour but didnt give birth. Her gf did @ 38 weeks as a right arm [above the elbow] amputee caused by an infected syrings. She had been told never too inject in that arm again after a gangerous hole had developed…

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