to a lot of things. The Chief is supposed to call with flight information soon. We’ve got a busy week and even busier weekend. Scouts starts tomorrow–hopefully because we were supposed to start last week but a tornado watch canceled the meeting. The painting of the outside of the house is going well. They have not started the inside yet. My BIL came down and helped me get everything moved and then labeled all the wires, etc., so I’d still have cable and internet until I absolutely had to unplug things. So I am now on my third computer in about as many weeks because mine lost its ability to communicate. I was nursing the Chief’s computer along until he could get here. My BIL thought the girls’ computer would be the least complicated and easiest to move so he kept it connected to the internet.

So if I go off the…

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One thought on “Countdown…

  1. I’m appreciative of the reblog. I’m curious as to what made you decide to pick such a random mundane post amongst all these gorgeous and interesting ones… (I’m enjoying looking through here at the variety).

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