i got it baaaaad…

the walls of my living room are starting to close in on me having endured a self-imposed sit-in for the best part of the past few weeks…

worse still, trying to configure furnishings in a room with so many decorating impediments is testing the last reserves of my already limited sanity: take one living room & incorporate no less than 3 doorways, a kitchen passcounter, a window & a set of french doors, two large radiators, a fireplace, two wall lights, a wall-mounted temperature control panel & numerous light switches & power points dotted around the perimeter {pause to take a deep breath}, & you’re not actually left with a whole lot of useable wall space at all…

i’ve spent many a late night dragging furniture from one end of the room to the other & i’m no closer to a solution…


the answer? indulge in a…

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