I have a short piece in today’s Guardian looking back at the Satanic Verses affair. The Guardian item contains recollections from a number of people and appears to have been commissioned because Salaman Rushdie’s memoirs are due to be published this week. Here is what I had to say:

Looking back to the autumn of 1988, I think it is perhaps no exaggeration to say that it was in the heat of the Satanic Verses affair that we first saw the forging of a consciously British Muslim identity in the UK. I was a second-year university student at the time and it was a heady feeling marching and demonstrating alongside others who were from various ancestral backgrounds, including from the Indian subcontinent, north Africa, south-east Asia and elsewhere, but all united by their faith in Islam. Of course, our demands – which included the pulping of all copies of Rushdie’s…

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