I am adding all the written books I’ve done so far to the Vestra University Scriptorium. This is the first one, A Chronology of The Frontier by Holgar Masserius who is a professor at the university. The book deals with the history of the colony in a chronological manner, making it easy to see what exactly happened when. Here’s also the full text as it stands now.

The Bretons have been living on the continent since time immemorial. The first nord settlers arrive at the end of the first era. The Orcs arrive at about the same time. Not much is known about the history of The Frontier before the Imperial colonization.

ca 3E 390-420 King Rureek the Great rules in what is now Anvil Nova over the “Shining Kingdom”.

4E2-12 Carolus Caemus of Anvil funds three expeditions of settlement to The Frontier. The first settlement is founded at Vestra…

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