As Tuesday evening approaches like so many rogue Langoliers, devouring the fabric of our obsolete yester-world as they skate through the void, a sinister and steadfast consortium of morally ambiguous Tommyknockers is all that stands between the remains of reality and certain doom. Armed only with a talisman blessed by Peter Struab and a book of riddles salvaged from the burned-out husk of a runaway train, THE NIGHTMARE FACTORY is prepared to confront the encroaching darkness with courage, creativity, and an abundance of frivolity (because “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”).

This month, our gang of rough-and-tumble rascals sets out into the wilderness of the BookPeople cafe to poke at the dead body that is Horns by Joe Hill. This maddening revenge anthem documents the corruption of an accused murderer as he embraces his Dark Half to literally embody the devil and exact extra-legal, transdimensional justice…

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