Discovering Infinity and Beyond

Yesterday morning a national memorial service was held in Washington National Cathedral to celebrate the life of Neil Armstrong.  Family, friends, colleagues, and others gathered to remember our hero, and the entire event was broadcast for the world on NASA Television.  The atmosphere of the ceremony, although respectfully solemn, was also triumphant and humble – a true testament to a life well-lived and lives indefinitely touched.

The complete memorial can be viewed in the video above.  Administrator Bolden, Gene Cernan, and others gave glimpses into their personal friendships with Armstrong, including some of their favorite memories.  I particularly loved Cernan’s speech (27 minutes in), who was visibly moved by his task, as he remembered his longtime friend.  The President of the United States was not in attendance, but a mention was made of a personal letter to Carol Armstrong honoring her late husband.  A memorial program was…

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