The Password is Swordfish

I imagine Paul W.S. Anderson sitting in a room with a solitary college-ruled notepad, thinking of the most insane solutions to every problem a sequel presents. Q: “How do you remind people what happened in the first four entries?” A: “How about an extended expository clip show sequence done of multiple rotating TV screens?” Q: “How do you bring back actors from the previous films?” A: “Have a warehouse full of hundreds of clones of all the actors from the previous entries!” Q: “How do you create a series of interesting international locations in a post-apocalyptic world?” A: “Set the whole film underground in a base filled with impossibly realistic renditions of famous international locations!” The Resident Evil quintology will bruise your brain if you think about the story– they give the most complicated set-ups in simple chase-and-escape film history. However, it’s never boring. It’s repetitive, insane, incomprehensible, insane, poorly…

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