A young Brahmin boy named Kedaar Swami lived in hilly eastern area of Aryavarta nowadays called India. He was from a family of scholars, a family that was whole-sole  responsible for knowledge of their province and the complete state of their great King (Raja Trayodhasham Gopi Vallabhachari).

Apart from his family traits, he was a confused dreamer, neither completely stable nor completely disturbed. But, the quality of this boy who troubled his teachers, was that he understood things in his own fantasized way and explained it with same. This was good for those who were keen to learn, but troubled those who were not able to rise above their vanity. Due to his regular complains from ashram where he studied, his family sent him to Mridul Van( A mystic forest) very hard to reach in, to earn Gyan (Eternal Knowledge).

For months, he wandered in that forest to find this Gyan as this was a boring task for him. Cursing his dumb mind wandering all way around, he stopped by a Banyan tree, very old with a circumference of a small pond. There he saw a yogi meditating. He sat near him and started chanting holy words to attract  yogi’s attention. But yogi was as calm as his previous state. After a series of attempts he felt insulted and started crying. Yogi looked at him, held his hand gave a caring look and said,”Child I know you need the eternal knowledge and I promise to give you that, but without a delay you have to promise me that you will never deny my words”. Boy suddenly felt so comfortable that he promised what yogi asked for.

Yogi took Kedaar with him in deeper forest, so large and dense that it appeared to be a home to dangerous animals. He sat under a Devdar tree and asked Kedaar to sit next to him and join him in Tapasya(deep meditation). Years passed, seasons crossed them like they were in some other world. Initially Kedaar faced lot of difficulty for few months then the influence of that yogi.

One day Yogi asked him to cut all the trees around him and throw them away without using. Kedaar thought for a while and then started doing what he asked to do. After few day he started feeling bad about what he was doing but he continued because he wanted eternal knowledge. It continued for next few days, the difference was only that Kedaar felt more guilt everyday. Finally he got choked in sorrow for his doing and left his task and sat next to Yogi. He said,” Forgive me master, but I can’t kill everything around me just for sake of something I haven’t seen”. Yogi said ” Think again child, you may lose this precious chance”. Kedaar replied” No master! The knowledge is in vain until it has no purity in it, but my knowledge will give me guilt of lifetime”. Yogi stood up, embraced Kedaar and laughed out of joy and tears. He said” This is the knowledge, the real knowledge, else all is fake. The sense of life, the value of life is the thing which makes us human and you finally released your compassion”. You have gained all the knowledge in world. Kedaar felt relaxed and left for home.

His family welcomed him with joy. Everyone was astonished and impressed by his silence and knowledge. But Kedaar was now more than a Sadhu, he felt that compassion and love in nature but found it missing in the world he was living in. So, he left all and went to explore world and distribute what he gained.

Sometimes, we seek knowledge everywhere except in our heart. Our heart and mind are the biggest source of knowledge. All we have to do is “Listen to that Peace”.


2 thoughts on “Listen to that Peace

  1. The Yogi sounds like, Mahatama Budh, however I haven’t heard of Kedar, not that I know enough to recognize in one go. Is it a real story or symbolic to message you wanted to convey?

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