I came across these oceans of loneliness,

Dark, disgusting, soulless feel in process,

But then I met you, you my love,

With all that truth, you poured life in me,

No sin was left, all fear just flee,

Filled me with desire, with a fire to live,

You made me a phoenix and set me free,

But then you doubted all my grey,

Threw me in dark, in front of wolves like a prey,

I got left with no option, no horizon I wanna see,

Let me fall or empower me to fly,

Baby only you have right wings for me.


9 thoughts on “You have wings for me…

  1. I thought you will write only good things here…but you poured all…”WRITER”…jokes apart..again a fine piece of writing!!!

  2. That is why i wrote WRITER…coz a true writer will never write anything just for the sake of good comments…they just write whatever comes to their mind…

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