I left my body. I came out of that prison and sat at it’s shoulder. Walking whole day with it, sitting, waiting, waiting for it’s every action and reaction, just to know what is the main reason behind it’s panic. I found few things – It hates criticism, not a good listener, speaks a lot, meaningful and sometimes just waste. Thinks a lot but writes only few of them and most of times manipulates.

The most peculiar thing which I  witnessed is, it always searches for peace and most stupid thing is, it tries to find it out side. A bundle of characters existing around it. Some take it seriously, some doesn’t, few hate it, few just love it crazily. But again all is waste, since it’s not in peace. Whole day this curiosity worried me “What is that action or thought or realization which could bring it, peace and harmony?”.

I concluded few things in this deep analysis of my own body. Like everyone around it also expects surrounding to change according to it, waiting for mother nature to do some miracle for this puny king of it’s own thought. But this is what creates all the chaos…

World is always the same, face changes, intensity varies, but “What is best part?”, all our control is unknowingly in our own hand. An yelling and egoist voice thrown to my body gave me this teaching that I don’t drive lives around me, because I am not capable. No human is capable of driving other minds. Getting driven is also their own decision and acceptance of this mere truth is the key to unlock the doorway to the path that leads to mountain of peace.

Free yourself from your tiny expectations and cries for not getting responses that you think you deserve. It’s not going to happen because you are part of nature, not owner of nature.
 I found it for my body given to me in this life. Now don’t ask who am I?  you know it.

I am Faquir. Deep inside you…


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