It’s a horizon. Finally I reached it with a partial innocence and realization of truth existing around me. You, yes you made it possible with your belief and a circumstantial reaction that pursued me towards thinking the reason for what I have done so far?

Confession was a great conflict, because I never accepted my path as a ‘misled‘ one. Thoughts got drenched in tears when I took a walk through past and witnessed my doings, most of them appeared to be unnecessary and left me stunned by showing it’s effect on everyone around me.

Leading this misery since my teenage, I realized how unknowingly I was walking to the fallen angels of Babylon. All waiting for me to join them and stand against what is purest of all.

You will read this and understand otherwise all what happened will remain unseen. A coarse of complex and boundary less frustration mounting on a microscopic mental approach to suppress it’s valuable abstract.

All that happened in this very walk through past was like an ocean of knowledge beyond understanding and explanation. It is somewhat similar to a real encounter with heavenly creatures, and an opening to the uttermost truth of human life.

This realization washed me in holy water of soulful knowledge as well as gave me a sense to value of all what I have acquired so far in me with whites of my life.I am no more the guy I was or I wanted to be. What I am now is a present of god to me. “Yesterday is gone, tomorrow have not arrived yet. Today is what exists, it’s a gift that’s why it’s called Present“.

So, I took this liberty to say tat whatever comes in future I will win is with white and polite colors. I will enjoy the bliss of life with peaceful mind so that when the final bell rings I will walk to lord of all worlds with a smile on me face.


4 thoughts on “Realization

  1. We all sin Jay, somewhere or the other, on the path as we grow. While I may never know your wrongs or rights, yours reasons or faults, i do know enough, that self redemption is not always a path to heaven or hell. Make mistakes, err, for that is being human, Hurt, and don’t be afraid to get hurt, to have the sense of pain is the only way to know, that your heart still beats. So long you haven’t killed or gotten killed, nothing is as wrong.

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