May be this post or thought can have entirely different impacts on various people. But I must say this because it’s the very next thing evenly done by everyone at some stage of life.

Sin” is something whose guilt can kill you, but at same time some part of it gives you a pleasure of being the ruler of the world. So here the question arises, “What makes it BAD ?“, Is it the guilt ? or Courage required to commit it ? As we all know somewhere inside that what we are not confident to do, we just wanna skip it by calling it useless, insane or fallen.

Here, I am not encouraging you to do it or attempt anything you are scared to do. It’s a confusion what part makes you think or decide whether sin is good or bad ?

As I see actions from distance, I only find them action which have consequences, consequences generate experience and experience train you to be better. In same way “Sin” or “Pious” are just action that generate consequences.

Love, Lust both are pleasure and give specific enjoyment. then why one is sin and other is not. Yes, this completely relies on you to decide for going one or both or none. But calling one fallen and other beautiful is a bit of illegal power in your hands since you are not “God“, you are not inventor of life, you are life so you can experience but not conclude.

Why I am saying it? because you know who am I ? I am Faquir …

Deep inside you.


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