Lot of brains in lot of bodies, lot of thoughts in lot of brains.It’s fine if we say, all of us have different views to see things or we have different Perceptions.

Now, I have one doubt from many years. How it is decided that which perception is wrong and which one is right ? As far as I know or I understand human beings, every entity in this world has a reason for each specific action. Yes, reasons can be different, but why other entities or significant crowd conclude that action as right or wrong.

Here, I am not discussing social structure or any kind of constitution. According to me they are just tools to manage something bigger than a household. But I am talking about activities that are stated morally wrong or right. I mean, we are born in an environment, raised with some thought of some limited brains, which are of course having a fixed set of rules to follow and are not trained to explore or define more than their so-called limits which they call tradition or morals or habits.When we grow up in a trained and fixed cage, we also develop a limited thinking which we call character or way of living.

Now, my question is ” Is it fair to judge someone on those perceptions, which are developed by training under those, who are not even exploring .7% of their brain’s ability ? “. According to me if we do so, we are restricting our ability to think, judge and are insulting our brain just for of some “rule set” which are not even completely tested.

I often hear people saying “I don’t think much”. If everyone is so scared of thinking, so how we become authorized to give judgement or our suggestion on something ?

Thinking on budget, earning, success, is justified, then I believe thinking on thinking is more valid than any other thing.


One thought on “Perception…

  1. you always told me this…but i never understood…and might never…but m sure some one will definitely get direction out of it…

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