I often find myself alone, while sitting in office full of people, silence flow in me and turns into a mystic sound attracting me towards the path to heaven.

Heaven ? Is it a place where only souls can reach ? If it’s so then, I can see it whenever I wish to see. Reason, my soul is free. I am a soul, I hear angels singing when crowd runs to catch a bus on a dusty road. I can see purity of life in a kid playing in slums. I can see innocence in people pretending to be sophisticated while sitting in 5 star hotel.

Who am I ? I am Faquir…

Deep inside you, deep inside everyone, I live in-depth because only purity of heart can bring me out. Then I will flow in your veins, and believe me you will see beauty of heaven staying alive.

You have met me, while walking on highway in rain, while having tea in morning and listening to Azaan, while comforting an old lady trying to pick all her bags alone, while forgiving your spouse for insulting you, while hugging your mom when she cries like kid when you leave.

Who am I ? I am Faquir…

I can play music in mind. I can love all without hatred. I can leave all riches and temptations. Find me, walk with me, and I promise you. You will smile at every pain and love each second of your life.

It’s so easy to be happy, and satisfied. You just have to reach me.

Who am I ? I am Faquir…

Deep inside you.


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