First thing that comes to my mind when I hear it,  is “HEAVY“. It was a word which meant sacrifice, care, respect, understanding in early ages. Nowadays it means expectation, justification, doubt, and transformation of partner into your own demand list.

This note is not gender specific. But I see few relations which are filled with happiness, else all are miserable even horrible sometimes, it feels like nobody wants to explore a better part of it.

So, lets dig it a little deeper, What is the reason behind it? Time, Peace, and definition of Satisfaction.

Time is the key factor to make any relation strong, just because of lack of it, most of the relations end up so formal that even to say a “hi” becomes impossible.

Peace is tough to achieve but its achievement leads to generation of trust, compassion and understanding, and absence of it causes vice-versa.

Definition of satisfaction affects expectations from a relative. It’s hard to define a boundary line of it or to limit it. But it plays a major role for a bonding. Most of the relation spoil due to dissatisfaction.

Try to involve these three factors and then observe whether they make any difference or not.


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