Everyone, everybody is crying for peace. World is turning into hell. Burning desires, bleeding emotions, scratching wounds made by self, but no relief from pain.

Why? Think . . . What’s stopping everyone from staying happy. Close eyes and remove every relation one by one from your soul, erase their existence.

What left now? Nothing, a void full of air and silence. But where does this “Peace” resides. In one’s very own soul. What you believe is what you feel, like ghosts, success, lust.Similarly, you can feel peace.

I saw all that frustration of being so helpless to satisfy all relations. But I always ignored the most important point, that is “to be satisfied by your own self“.

Ambitions, Aims, Dreams are for body but,  “Peace” is for soul. We commit blunder when we attach all those to our soul. Soul is free, let her roam free. Let her breathe and fly. Peace will approach you soon, by its own.

Keep your soul blank and pure. Don’t put the burden of physical doings and expectation on this purest and lightest part.

To fulfill all promises, first promise your soul a “NIRVANA” without sending your body to “nirvana“.


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