I often find my self trapped in a place where my existence is normal, but I experience a strange discomfit in that very position created by my own, influenced by various threads of thoughts that continuously weave a pullover of ambitions, aspirations finally shaping in a big burden known as “FATE” or “DESTINY“.

Is this the same feeling that I experience when I ride my bike, or I dance, or when I draw,  no, absolutely not. So, what should I do, sit back and feel same discomfit my entire life or chase the thing which keeps me alive.

I know what to do, I am gonna find my very own identity. Not under any name or surname, not under any position or any brand, but in what I wanna be. I am leaving my soul to search a existence that only defines me, I am gonna find a suit that fits me. A “Me” that’s “Me“.


2 thoughts on ““Me”?

  1. keep searchin..n if u feel low @ ane point den @ dat moment try 2 feel it instead of searchn,it will surly strengthn ur soul n will make u lil relaxd..:)

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