A long long time ago, there were two princes. Once they were playing in the open area of their palace, both of them were great archers, while they were running across the ground they saw some birds flying and beautifying the scene, this scene made different impacts on their minds, Why that happened I wonder? Because both of them were prince, both were brought up from same patterns and procedures of learning. Even both shared the teachings of same “GURU“.

The stunning beauty of birds attracted them and they started running towards them with an essence of temptation in their mind, while they were reaching their destination, one of the prince picked up a bow and and arrow, both of the princes stopped both were aiming on the wings of the bird preparing to take a flight.

A moment of silence, I can feel my heart beat while imagining the scene, a hand aimed weapon on the bird, eyes focused. No disturbance just him and the bird existed in this whole universe.

Suddenly, arrow was released tearing the air apart with a pace unimaginable, crossed the bird and brought it down on the earth. Other prince was socked because he didn’t picked the arrow, he didn’t thought anything like that, he was just enjoying the beauty of flight. He rushed at the spot, picked the bird in his arms and felt it’s pain in him, the tears like diamonds rolled down his bright and divine face.

This is where I wanna end this story, the prince who hurt the bird was prince “Devdutta” known amongst really few people. The prince who saved the helpless bird was prince “Siddhartha” known as “Gautama Buddha” amongst the whole world.

So, it’s not always the power and money that makes us big and great. We are not known by Who we are? We are known by decisions we make.



3 thoughts on “Two Boys…

  1. Yes true..very few people hav read abt Devadatta , he was born to a branch of the Sakyan royal line, and he held the rank of prince of his home kingdom.

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