This is a feeling that everyone around me experiences in 21st century. Now, let’s rewind our life for some years to the day when we were born. A completely strange world, everyone was a stranger, even the lady who gave us birth, then a learning process started, with hunger, the word “mummum“, pointing finger to the thing we wanted and the place we wanna go to.

Was this fear was able to stop our steps, to conquer our brain, no. We learned everything that came in our way, then why is it happening now, in the time when we know a lot as compared to the birth time.

Be a child of destiny once again, don’t calculate, just learn. Yes, we can, because everything around is developed by humans like machines, competition, buildings, prestige, terrorism, evils, patriotism, angels, even god, yes “GOD” is “GOD“, because our belief gives him a face.

Let’s promise ourselves, from now, we will not be afraid to choose, to stand and to grow, no fear, no bad, no existence of rise in heart beat when we hear about anything, anyone unknown.

Let’s believe in a superhero in everyone of us. We are capable of a lot good and bad as well, but we cannot achieve it, until we take a step without being insecure, because it’s on you, What you feel? What you choose? and What you become?


3 thoughts on “The fear ….

  1. Absolutely agreeing with above note…..i just want to add..that fear is natural…but courage is to overcome it. Always share your courage rather than fear. Don’t ever let the fear conquer your faith and believes…Fear is not the symbol of coward…as every sane man has it…just how they perceive it matters.

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