This is a hyper confusion, that often strikes my mind and so do affects other people like me. Now, what really matters, is right things can only be done when we ask right question at right time. For example, a house is on fire in front of you and people in there are crying for help, so it is the time for looking around for some tool that can be utilized to help them, now “what can I do?” in its affirmative sense gives your brain an instruction to find the best procedure to achieve goal, whereas “what should I do?” throws you one step back, not much but, causes a delay in act.

Same is the situation when we got less time to begin a walk towards future and have already wasted a lot of time in wandering “How beautiful it will be?”. At this place, a thing comes called conscience a friend of heart” but can go wrong at some moment. It’s all a bit confusing but as you will encounter the same state and illustrate the situation to analyze it the story will go identical.

In such a case advice is good, but influence can lead to a dissatisfaction. So, clear the fog of uncertainty from the mind, this should be the first step, relax senses as they can only be your best support when it comes to making a choice, and then put your self high in the sky like a soul which is neutral and see the whole situation from every possible angle all over again until you get to know about every cause and effect related to it, think and then decide, it will have two main positives, first you will have a reason for everything and second this analysis will clear the doubts efficiently leading you to a nice decision.


2 thoughts on “What can I do? or What should I do?

  1. vry nice said sir
    u are rite sir……..this all what actually happns in lyf.
    where many situation of such kind comes in our lyf n rite decision is to be made……,,,,,,i will surely follow d way f takng decision which would be good 4 all……..

  2. nice & deep observation..
    its very true, u can find the solution of any problem,only if u observe the whole problem after coming out form the whole system & then observing the whole scenario from outside as this gives u a broader range of sight about d problem & avails more solutions, as now u are not thinking about just the problem but u r trying to find the solution…

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